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About the violence against women and girls data dashboard - Prototype 1.1

Following the launch of the VAWG prototype dashboard in September 2022, we have been addressing user feedback to improve and refine the dashboard, leading to the launch of prototype 1.1 on International Womans Day (8th March 2023).

Next steps

This is still a prototype, we are keen to continue to get feedback on the dashboard, which will be used to develop the next iteration. Please complete the feedback form that pops up on screen, or alternatively, follow this link. The closing date for feedback is 5 April 2023. Thank you for helping to shape the future VAWG dashboard.

Violence against women and girls

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is an umbrella term used to cover a wide range of abuse types that affect more women and girls than men and boys. These include domestic homicide, domestic abuse, sexual assault, abuse experienced as a child, honour-based abuse such as female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage, and harassment in work and public life. 

Many of these forms of abuse also affect men and boys, therefore the charts in this dashboard include data for all adults, as well as a sex breakdown where possible. You can choose which data you would like to be displayed on each chart by clicking in the chart legend.

The VAWG data dashboard

High-quality, trustworthy data, statistics and analysis are required to monitor the scale and nature of VAWG and evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation measures. Having all relevant data in a single place, that can easily be visualised, will provide a more comprehensive picture of VAWG. This will address the needs of a range of users, informing policymakers, the public, and supporting the UK government’s tackling violence against women and girls strategy. It will also help to improve coherence, accessibility and comparability of VAWG data.

This VAWG data dashboard is prototype 1.1, powered by the Integrated Data Service (IDS). It provides data on:

  • domestic abuse

  • sexual offences

  • stalking and harassment

  • honour-base abuse

  • sexual exploitation

  • child abuse

The home page provides high-level figures across these different types of crime. You can click on the associated links to discover more detailed breakdowns. There are also links to related articles and publications, and the source datasets.

This prototype IDS dashboard shows the power of bringing high-quality data, statistics and analysis together. Our ambition is for the dashboard to continue to expand, bringing together a breadth of evidence on VAWG, making it easier to access and more usable. Currently, this evidence can be found in our data landscape, which provides links to evidence and statistics from across government, support agencies, charities and academics.

ONS Centre for Crime and Justice

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