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Percentage of domestic homicides of adults aged 16 and over, by relationship to suspect, England and Wales

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Home Office - Homicide Index data, year ending March 2022 - Table 22c

  1. This is based on a 3 year combined dataset including year ending March 2019 to year ending March 2021.
  2. A suspect in a homicide case is defined as either: a person who has been arrested in respect of an offence initially classified as homicide and charged with homicide, including those who were subsequently convicted or a person who is suspected by the police of having committed the offence but is known to have died or committed suicide prior to arrest or being charged.
  3. The all adults figure includes 1 victim with unknown sex.
  4. Partner/ex-partner includes the sub-categories 'spouse, cohabiting partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-spouse/ex-cohabiting partner/ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and adulterous relationship'. Other family includes siblings, other relatives.
  5. Friend/acquaintance, stranger, relationship not know and other have been excluded as not applicable to domestic homicide.