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Prevalence of stalking since the age of 16, among adults aged 16 and over, by type of stalking, England and Wales

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Crime Survey for England and Wales, Office for National statsitics - stalking tables, year ending March 2022 - Table 1

  1. Data for the year ending March 2022 are not National Statistics. They are based on six months of data collection from the face-to-face Crime Survey for England and Wales between October 2021 and March 2022. Caution should be taken when using these data due to the impact of the reduced data collection period and lower response rates on the quality of the estimates.
  2. The cyber stalking variable is comprised of responses to survey questions that ask if anyone "has sent more than one unwanted email or social network message that was obscene or threatening" or has "anyone put personal, obscene or threatening information about you on the internet on more than one occasion and which caused you fear, alarm or distress?"
  3. Stalking by parter/ex-partner and stalking by a family member are sub categories of domestic stalking.
  4. The units in this table are for percentage who were victims once or more.